About Writing Catch Up

Writing Catch Up Programme for Years 5 and 6

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booksSchools have a number of options about catch up reading, but there are fewer materials for catch-up writing.  This programme of 24 non-fiction lessons and 16 fiction lessons aims to help pupils to grow in confidence and to revisit writing skills to reengage them with writing. Each lesson is designed to last an hour and comprises three sections:

  1. A ten-minute drills session to develop pupils’ vocabulary and ability to play with ideas and structure text, with resources provided as necessary.
  2. A ten-minute sentence level exercise, which revisits simple, then compound, then complex sentences, with instructions about punctuation.
  3. A forty-minute lesson that explores an aspect of writing or a writing skill.

This comprehensive package contains:

  • Lesson notes for 40 writing lessons
  • 18 non-fiction texts that illustrate key skills
  • 40 sentence level exercises
  • 25 ideas for starter activities at word and sentence level
  • Self-assessment sheets for pupils
  • A tracking and monitoring sheet for individual pupils
  • General notes about using the programme

This comprehensive package will help pupils to think about themselves as writers and is recommended for level 3 pupils who are struggling to move into level 4 and pupils who are stuck at the lower end of level 4.