About The Reading Journey

The Reading Journey

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girl reading a bookThe Reading Journey is a comprehensive programme, which can be used by individual schools or families of schools, to teach pupils how to make meaning from text. It consists of a set of engaging tools to develop all of the skills pupils need to understand text independently. Some of the strategies you will recognise; many are new.

Schools can use The Reading Journey in two ways. As it is a structured programme to teach reading comprehension, it can be followed systematically. However, more confident teachers of reading can select tools from the package and use them as they wish. The journey is broken down into three units, each containing three skill areas, which teach pupils how to examine text, engage with the author and explore ideas and issues. These skills are developed termly across the academic year. As pupils move through the school, they collect new skills annually. Each year new reading comprehension strategies are introduced and explicitly matched to a teaching tool to help teachers to organise the curriculum. These skills can also be fed into guided reading sessions and would support the use of other reading approaches, such as Reciprocal Teaching and Literature Circles. Schools can opt to follow the progression model offered by The Reading Journey or adapt the materials to their own schemes.

The Reading Journey consists of a PowerPoint to illustrate the skills, accompanying worksheets to develop comprehension and teacher’s manual.  By following the journey, pupils will be explicitly and systematically taught the many skills that they need to make sense of texts.

Data from a sample of over 2000 pupils proves that this holistic approach has had a significant impact on all pupils, in particular, boys and pupils from deprived backgrounds.