About The 8 Writing Behaviours

The 8 Writing Behaviours

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teacherThe 8 Writing Behaviours teach pupils the processes needed to write texts, so they learn how to become independent writers. The 8 Writing Behaviours also show teachers how to build pupils’ skills and the pack provides a number of tools to support the development of each behaviour.   The 8 Writing Behaviours can also be used in many ways.  They form an approach to teaching writing in themselves, but can also complement an existing pedagogy. The 8 Writing Behaviours are especially useful within the LNF, as they can be used by pupils when applying their writing skills across the curriculum. They can also be used within Writers’ Workshop sessions.

The 8 Writing Behaviours contain activities to develop the processes of writing, ideas about how to teach grammar in context and immersion strategies for the teaching of the text types. Recently trialled in Swansea, the results showed a marked increase in pupils’ technical accuracy and an improvement in compositional skills.  This approach has also encouraged reluctant writers to feel confident about sharing their unique voice with the world.

Both The Reading Journey and The 8 Writing Behaviours aim to make explicit to pupils what confident readers and real writers do and to provide teachers with the strategies to create a classroom environment that supports this development.