Professional Literacy Resources for Teachers

bookWelcome to Creative Literacy, where we believe that learning to read and write should be an adventure – a voyage of discovery, rich in enjoyment and fun. Our training and materials aim to help schools to engage pupils in their own learning and to provide teachers with resources, strategies and ideas to enrich the literacy classroom – a place where we plant in children a love of books, a delight in communication and a true belief in the power of their individual voices to be successful, real writers.

Whilst we believe that learning to read and write should be a fun-filled, exciting experience, lessons also need to be carefully managed and planned by resourceful, knowledgeable teachers. Therefore, our resources are designed to develop specific skills and our programmes are based on clear progression models. We also pride ourselves on high quality, colourful resources and innovative strategies that will support teachers to gain pupils’ interest and encourage children to participate and so to grow as readers and writers.

CLC’s resources for primary and secondary schools include:

  • The Reading Journey, which is a structured and detailed programme to develop pupils’ comprehension skills throughout the Foundation Phase, KS2 and KS3. The Reading Journey develops nine essential reading behaviours that help pupils to examine texts, engage with the writer’s world and explore meaning.  >read more
  • The 8 Writing Behaviours, which teaches pupils all of the steps in the writing process and contains activities to immerse pupils in fiction and non-fiction texts, as well as planning, revising and editing tools. >read more
  • Comprehensive packages to develop specific areas of literacy in primary and secondary schools, such as:
      • Support to teach sentences
      • A progression model for extended writing at word, sentence and text level
      • How to set up and run a Writers’ Workshop
      • Resources for guided reading, reciprocal teaching and literature circles
      • Strategies to develop research skills
      • Rich task planning and development
      • LNF planning and delivery
      • An oracy toolkit
      • A catch-up writing programme for years 5 and 6

CLC also offers training in the use of all of the above materials and bespoke packages of training and support for schools wishing to develop an area of literacy.   CLC will work creatively with you to drive up standards and to review your current provision.   To find out more please contact us >go to Contact page